Food Functional Sugars

Food Functional Sugars

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Product Description

Functional Sugars

Product name: Isomaltooligosaccharide(IMO)

CAS No. 499-40-1

HS CODE :1702900090

Molecular weight:   342.30

Molecular formula: C12H22O11

Charactersviscous and transparent liquid/irregular powder


1. It is remarkable in promoting reproduction of Bifidobactirium Isomalto-oligosaccharide enters directly into large intestine without being absorbed

by human stomach and small intestine, and is used by Bifidobactirium for

reproduction; it can't be utilized by harmful bacteria in intestine, so as to

suppress harmful bacteria and improve micro-ecology in intestine.

2. Resistant against tooth decay as hardly fermentable sugar, it can't be

utilized by tooth decaying bateria.

3. Low calorie; it doesn't increase food caloric value. so don't worry to get fat by eating it.

4. It has a nonfermentable sugar content of greater than 90% and contains basically no

glucose. therefore, it is particularly suitable for patients suffering form diabetes.


Standard Specifications :GB/T20881-2007;FCCIV


Product name: Mannose

CAS No. 87-67-2

HS CODE :29054300.00

Molecular weight:  180.155    


Molecular formula:C6H12O6


Characterswhite powder or off-white powder


UseMannose helps to support and promote a healthy bladder and urinary system,

it prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and causing infection



Standard Specifications : FCCVII


PackagingDrum or Paper bag with PE liner.


Storage:Avoid wet, don’t save up and traffic with poison.


Product nameErythritol


CAS No. 149-32-6


HS CODE : 29054990


Molecular weight: 122.12


Molecular formula: C4H10O4


CharactersErythritol, a polyol (sugar alcohol), is a good-tasting bulk sweetener

which is suitable for a variety of reduced- calorie and sugar free foods. It has been part of the human diet for thousands of years due to its presence in fruits

and other foods. Erythritol has a high digestive tolerance, is safe For people with diabetes,

and does not promote tooth decay.


UseErythritol has been used in candies, chocolate, yogurt, fillings, jellies, jams, beverages,

and as a sugar substitute.


Standard Specifications FCC


Product Name : Xylitol

Synonyms :(2R,3R,4S)-Pentane-1,2,3,4,5-pentanol

CAS No. :87-99-0

HS CODE :29054900

Molecular Weight :152.15

Chemical Formula :C5H12O5

Characteristics :white crystalline powder

Main Usages :

Food Industry :xylitol is used in sugar-free chewing gums,sugar-free

chocolates, sugar-free candies, sugar-free cakes, sugar-free drinks,fruit jellies, etc.

Medicine :injections, health drinks, digestive drugs,throat soother,cough syrup,etc.

Cosmetics :face cream, beauty cream, cleaner,etc.

Hygienic Product :toothpaste,mouth cleansers,etc.

Standard Specifications :FCC,USP,BP


roduct Name :Maltitol

Synonyms :4-O-a-D-Glucose Radicel-D-Glucose Polyol

CAS No. :585-88-6

 HS CODE :29054900

Molecular Weight :344.31

Chemical Formula :C12H24O11

Characteristics :colorless, transparent, viscid thick liquid

Main Usages :Food process Used for lactic acid drink, maltitol can make the drink

with long existing sweetness. As the thickener and sweetener, it is used for syrup,

fruit wine, catsup and other drinks. Maltitol’s absorption and releasing of moisture

is more stable, this character can adjust the moisture in food to prevent quick drying

 or frost in refrigerator, so it is used for candies, cakes, bread and other foods.

Health products It is used for the sugar-free foods specially suitable for diabetic

patients and for people to control weight of their body. It has the function for tooth-decay

 prevention, as the sweetener it is used for sugar-free candies, sugar-free chewing gum

and other foods. It can also prolong food shelf life.

Standard Specifications :FCC USP

Annual Production :20,000 Ton per Year

Packing :900kg ,500kg, 25kg ,500g , 350g ,250g , etc.

Storage :Please keep it in dry and ventilated place.


Commodity Name:Isomalt

CAS No.:64519-82-0


Molecular Formula: C12H24O11

Molecular Weight: 344.32

Description:Isomalt, as a natural and safe sugar replacer, has been widely used in as much

as 1,800 products worldwide. Thanks to the benefits it provides – natural taste, low calories,

low hygroscopicity and  tooth friendly. Isomalt suits all kinds of

 people, especially those people who are not fit to sugar. With the rapid growth of health

consciousness, ISOMALT’s advantages will make it more important in the development of

sugar free products.


Packing :25kg Kraft Paper Bag


Usage: Products processed by ISOMALT have a natural and pleasant sweetness that is

              close to sugar but tastes more round.

             Low hygroscopicity of ISOMALT-ST is able to keep the candies hard or baked food

               crunchy  for a long time.

            Due to the stability of ISOMALT, it can extend the products shelf life.

            Besides, ISOMALT is also able to optimize the flavor and taste by covering aftertaste