PVC foaming regulator PA-30 P530 PA-828 K-400 20F

PVC foaming regulator PA-30 P530 PA-828  K-400 20F

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 PVC foaming regulator PA-30 P530 PA-828  K-400 20F

PVC foaming regulator LS 530, the LS 400 is my company has independently developeda multi-layer structure of ultra-high molecular weight polymer, made ​​by the Department of acrylic monomers by multi-stage emulsion polymerization, widely used in PVC extrusionlow foam products, the technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products.
   Properties: This product is a white free flowing powder Bulk density 0.20-0.50g/cm3,insoluble in water, ethanol, soluble in chloroform.
Uses: mainly used in PVC extrusion low foam sheet, pipe and profile, can replace thePA-30, P-530, the PA-828, K-400, 20F and other similar foreign products.